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The property sector is traditionally a huge market for many of our clients, buying, selling, building and renting both residential and commercial real estate. H Property Management is a cost-efficient, effective way of managing and maintaining your properties, to ensure maximum profit yield in a minimum stress environment.

Our comprehensive service includes legal, surveying, financial, management and design solutions, while H Property Management is responsible for sourcing and transacting on both residential and commercial property. We work across the property sector, with building and construction, architectural and engineering companies working seamlessly under The Group banner.

H Property Management's clients are private individuals, corporates and international buyers. We manage and support our clients across freehold, leasehold, commercial developments and investment opportunities. Our team is comprised of multi-lingual, multi-skilled professionals with a wealth of experience in the fast-paced London property market, and other prime locations nationally and internationally.

We use our detailed local knowledge of the market to make sure every property you see fits your investment criteria. But our involvement doesn't stop there - we are also on hand to help with a range of post-purchase issues. We maintain and manage a series of commercial and residential property tenants for our clients, heading off problems around rent and rates, maintenance and tenant issues, so you don't have to.

While this isn't an exhaustive list, our services include:

Leases and rent: we tender, place and oversee leases, re-gearing them for single and/ or multiple-let properties, collecting rent from the tenants as we do so. If and when required, we'll also serve notices on tenants.

Works and maintenance: We'll sort out the maintenance, dealing with incidents as soon as they arrive, before they cause damage to the building. We'll also carry out routine maintenance and decoration, as required by the terms of the lease.

Business rates: We advise and negotiate the best rates for our clients. While the rateable value of your property is used as the basis for your contribution towards local services, rates aren't set in stone - which is where we come in.

Landlord and tenant issues: We carry out regular inspections of rented properties to make sure your tenants comply with the terms of their lease. We can also licence alterations, resolve disputes and represent your best interests.

Service charges: H property's experts calculate and set a budget for the service charge every year, which provides landlords with a sinking fund for maintenance work, repair and decoration. We'll collect and administrate service charges, providing a full year-end update as to outstanding fees and refunds.

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