Strategic thinking

Anchorage Group is a strategic and reorganisation consultancy. We are experts in learning-based organisational development, working on the basis that an organisation can locate, absorb and exploit its problems and turn them into advantages, making you stronger, more effective and leaner.

We know too that each case scenario is unique and unrepeatable, so ours is a tailored approach, adapting a range of techniques and specialisms to your situation. No two of our clients' situations are alike, and we revel in creating a powerful, bespoke solution for you.

Anchorage Group focuses on consulting, research and market research. With offices in London, Zurich, Warsaw and New York we are well connected and well informed, drawing on all of the resources available to us to advise you and reconnect your organisation as a streamlined system.

Our team shows a readiness to listen: we are professional, dynamic and objective, developing a close working relationship with each of our clients based on trust and ethics. We collect and combine and analyse information quickly, identifying customer problems using the range of expertise across the Anchorage Group.

Before we start anything else, we take your needs and objectives into account, listening to what you want to achieve, and your short-, medium-, and long-term plans. We then identify those issues, establish priorities to solve them, and begin to activate a number of HR-based instruments to realign the business to meet your objectives, reconnecting it in a systematic way.

Anchorage Group has a vast network of partners internationally. We work with the University of Georgia, and global giant Roland Berger Strategic Consultancy, alongside a range of brokers, asset managers, law firms, real estate brokers and banks.

You also benefit from the range of skills we offer across The Group. We have a wealth of complementary professional services to draw on, from legal and corporate service skills to marketing, digital, property and wealth management. The Group is uniquely placed in the global market: no-one else has our range of expertise, geographical spread and local knowledge, so our service is strategic, streamlined and, ultimately, highly successful.

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