Strength in numbers

Anchorage Group is an international consultancy with a global reach, working across countries and continents with a team of experts, services and businesses to provide exceptional services to our clients around the world.

Innovative and creative, over the last ten years we've grown from our corporate services roots to accommodate the concerns of our clients, and provide the services you need. Our expertise covers areas as diverse as asset management, fund management, property, law, tax and business advice, corporate strategy, immigration, marine and aviation services, publishing and PR/communications. And that's why - quite simply - nobody else provides the breadth of service we do.

Thoroughly client-centric, we're a global consultancy - a one-stop-shop servicing the needs of high net worth people and their families and businesses, corporations, institutional investors and professional advisors.

Traditional and ethical in approach, we're modern in outlook, growing a multi-service, technically advanced network. But we also understand the value of a face-to-face chat, including a single point of contact with your client manager. You also get the benefit of having your entire portfolio in one place - and a quicker, more efficient service makes us highly cost-effective. We see the bigger picture, while making sure every service we provide you with is compatible, streamlined and efficient.

We listen to our clients, drawing the services and specialities you demand in-house to give you unparalleled protection, expertise and advice. We employ more than 150 high calibre people in more than 15 locations worldwide, including the UK, Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our team of people are multi-lingual, experienced and well connected.

We are here to utilise your resources efficiently, retain them securely and exploit them to their full potential. Whether you are a sole trader starting out, or the heir to a large corporation, we can assist.

While the The Group is an umbrella for a diverse portfolio of services, every individual, business and institution we advise is different. The menu of skills we use is different each time. Our approach is tailored to meet your needs: adaptable, flexible and efficient, with an unrivalled understanding of the way you work.

Anchorage Group is a group built on long-term relationships and achieving your goals.